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Mind-Body Healing Starts Here

Euphoria Breathwork offers a transformative approach to self-connection, healing & personal growth.  

Meet Kathleen

Somatic Breathwork Practitioner

Kathleen Emerson is the founder of Euphoria Breathwork. She is a licensed and trauma-informed Somatic Breathwork Practitioner who helps others utilize the power of conscious connected breathing to reconnect with themselves, access the power of their body’s innate intelligence to heal, and realize their potential to self-create a fulfilling life of love, joy and purpose.

Why Naturopathy

Why Somatic Breathwork?

Somatic breathwork is a transformative mind-body approach to inner healing, self-exploration & self-discovery. Explore some of the many benefits of this work below.

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Clear Out Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

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Remove Fears, Blockages & Limitations

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Process & Release Trapped Emotions & Trauma

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Reclaim Inner Peace, Clarity & Connection

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Regulate Your Nervous System

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Access Elevated States & Tune into Your Purpose

Somatic Breathwork Sessions

Euphoria Breathwork is currently offering a variety of virtual & in-person breathwork session options facilitated by Kathleen. Single sessions, group sessions and single session packages are currently available for both virtual & in-person offerings. Visit the Packages and Book Online tabs to learn more.


Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment


"Your breathwork class was the perfect way to take care of myself and connect to my body. I felt like you were guiding me every step of the way and truly invested in my experience and making it the best it could be. After the session, I just felt at peace with myself and the world. Thank you!"

Mariana F., VT

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