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Kathleen is a licensed and trauma-informed Somatic Breathwork Practitioner who helps others utilize the power of conscious connected breathing to reconnect with themselves, access the power of their body’s innate intelligence to heal, and realize their potential to self-create a fulfilling life of love, joy & purpose.

My Story

After dealing with chronic pain and countless doctors’ visits for ten years, Kathleen was finally diagnosed with scoliosis in her late 20’s and less than a year later went on to suffer from a debilitating injury that left her struggling to walk and work for nearly two years. It was during her long recovery journey that she discovered the vital importance of functional breathing in restoring proper musculoskeletal function and regulating her nervous system so that her body could heal.

She became inspired to learn more about the various healing potentials of the breath, which led her to discover the practice of conscious connected breathing. This practice further aided her injury recovery by helping her to process and release stress, ease her resistance to pain and clear out repressed emotions. The practice also helped her to tap into her intuition and gain the courage to decide that she would not return to her stressful corporate career once she recovered from her injury. Instead, she decided that she would pursue her interests in alternative and holistic healing modalities and immediately felt called to bring the power of conscious connected breathing to others.

This led to her certification as a Somatic Breathwork Practitioner and she is now happily helping others with their own healing journeys and personal development aspirations through breathwork.

Kathleen currently lives in the Upper Valley region of VT/NH but frequently visits and spends time in the Jersey Shore where she grew up.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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