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About Euphoria Breathwork

Euphoria Breathwork’s mission is to help you clear out stress, anxiety, trauma and trapped emotions so you can fully reconnect with yourself and access the intelligence of your mind-body connection to repattern your nervous system and change how you show up in the world so you can live as your most fulfilled, clear-headed and authentic self.  

Healing & Personal Empowerment Through Somatic Breathwork

Let’s face it – life is freaking stressful! Whether it be the stress of work, caring for our families, experiencing traumatic events, dealing with financial issues, managing complex relationships or health issues – the list goes on and on. Many of us become overwhelmed by the daily pressures and busyness of life that we don’t know how or haven’t taken the time to process and release all of our stressors, anxieties, fears, emotions and feelings. This takes a toll on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, which in turn, affects the way we think, act, feel and how we show up for ourselves and the world around us.

The practice of somatic breathwork allows us to reconnect with ourselves and reconnect our minds to our bodies so we can digest and clear out all of baggage that has been weighing us down and holding us back from living as our highest and most authentic selves. By breathing and feeling through all our suppressed emotions and experiences and taking the time to listen to the messages our bodies have for us, we become liberated. We begin to think and see clearly, respond instead of react to life, improve our states of emotions and relationships, and connect with our intuition to create the life we envision.  

Somatic breathwork is a potent self-care tool with immediate benefits, and when practiced regularly, substantial healing and personal growth benefits. The breath is the only function that our body can perform both consciously and subconsciously – and this is what makes this work so powerful. When we consciously utilize the breath to connect with our subconscious, we can regulate and reprogram our nervous systems for optimal health, well-being and vitality.

Trust me when I say that your mind and body will thank you for giving breathwork a try. Keep reading below to learn who somatic breathwork is for and what to expect during a Euphoria Breathwork session with Kathleen.

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Who is Somatic Breathwork for?

Somatic breathwork sessions are suitable for nearly everyone and recommended for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike. This is for you if:

  • You frequently experience anxiety.

  • You feel stressed, overworked or burnt out.

  • You are overwhelmed by work, family, daily demands and responsibilities. 

  • Your emotions drive your decision-making.

  • You struggle to think clearly, make decisions or feel lost in life.

  • You experienced previous or recent trauma that you need help digesting.

  • You feel stuck and don't know where to look for help in your healing journey.

  • You struggle to find time to connect with yourself and practice self-care.

  • You feel disconnected from yourself. You are stuck in your head and don't know how to connect with your heart and body.

What to Expect

During a somatic breathwork session with Euphoria Breathwork, Kathleen guides you through a conscious connected breathing journey that is coupled with rhythmic music to access non-ordinary states of consciousness. Using the breath, you will release stress, trauma and mental, physical and emotional blockages. You will also use the breath to regulate and repattern your nervous system, developing your felt sense and elevated states of being, and embodying your vision, mission or purpose.

During this breathwork journey, you will engage your body’s innate ability to heal, clearing out tension, stagnant energy, suppressed emotions, limitations, defenses, restrictions or trapped pains that have been holding you back and keeping you out of the present moment. You may experience cathartic emotional releases that may arise in the form of tears, sounds, laughter or movement.

Each breathwork session is approximately 90 minutes with 60 minutes spent breathing. The breathing portion is an eyes closed, inwards journey where you will be comfortably lying down for the entire 60 minutes.  

After a session, many clients report feelings of lightness, euphoria, peace and relaxation, in addition to elevated feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence. Clients also report feeling reduced physical tensions and pains, increased mental clarity and energy levels, and a heightened sense of connection and alignment.

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